I hear people talk often about how crowded it is here along the coast and it “IS” during the short summer months.  That said, it has always been.  One thing many of us have in common, is love for beautiful places and climates.  Here along the Golden Coast in South Orange County, we have just that.  It will be crowded at times, but it also fuels our local economy.  All that said, numbers indicate we may ping pong around busy times, but overall, Orange County’s growth is low.  Read on….

Orange County: Added 5,615 residents — state’s No. 10 gain. That’s 0.2% growth (No. 35 performance among the counties) to 3.22 million. It’s the No. 3 most populous county. For the 2010s, 222,171 more residents (No. 4 of 58), or 7.4% growth — No. 24 statewide.